How the Blue Birds Hatched

In 1920, a group of young adults at Laurel Heights Methodist Church founded the “Blue Bird’s of Laurel Heights.”  They had one aim – service; one hope – forgetfulness of self; one inspiration – the love and fellowship of Jesus Christ.

The Blue Bird, signifying the happiness they hoped to bring into the lives of others, was chosen as their symbol.  The Laurel Heights Methodist Church and the Mission Home and Training School (Methodist Mission Home of Texas) were the chief objects of their endeavors for many years.  Their interests grew and were far reaching, including activities in the Home Mission field and in community projects.

In 1947, the Blue Birds established the Nix Tumor Clinic.  They employed a visiting nurse for the patients, purchased equipment for the clinic, gave volunteer service, and provided hospitalization for the charity tumor patients in District V, Texas Division American Cancer Society.

The Blue Birds voted to amend their charter in October 1960 to become the Blue Bird Auxiliary to Methodist Hospital.  Since that time, the Auxiliary has become actively involved in almost every area of hospital service…and their continued dedication and loyalty has been most instrumental in the growth and development of the hospital.  In 2006, the Auxiliary expanded their service to Methodist Specialty and Transplant Hospital.

Membership is open to anyone interested in giving freely of themselves to help alleviate the suffering of mankind by performing their duties willingly with love and compassion.  In cooperation with the board of trustees, medical staff and administration of the Methodist Hospitals, Medical Center, and the Blue Bird Auxiliary shall continue the endeavors of “Serving Humanity to Honor God.”


*A Methodist Hospital facility