About Us

Blue Bird Benediction

May the Lord bless us and keep us.  Amen.

Established as the “Blue Birds of Laurel Heights” by a small church group in 1920. The Blue Birds aim to accomplish:

  • Fellowship
  • Selflessness
  • Service to Others

The Blue Bird Auxiliary is honored to serve the community and create a network of life-long companions. We believe that by making others smile, we make our own days brighter.

Our Blue Bird Auxiliary.

The Blue Bird Auxiliary serves six hospital campuses throughout the Methodist Healthcare System. Volunteers have the opportunity to interact with patients, patient families, medical staff and administrative staff throughout the hospital campuses. We have specific needs at each facility. Please visit our hospitals page to view each hospital’s specific needs. We try very hard to place you in the department of your choosing. However, meeting the needs of our patients, visitors, staff and current volunteers is our first priority. If you can help meet our needs, we would love to give you a rewarding experience at one of our facilities.

A Prayer for Blue Birds – by Hodge Spearman

Heavenly Father, we come to you asking your deeply needed help as each of us pray that we will bring caring, loving concern to our patients, their families, the doctors, nurses and all hospital personnel. Especially bless all of our Blue Birds who serve you, dear God, by giving of ourselves in the way that you would have us serve. Help us to remember always that as we serve even the least of your children, we are serving thee. In Thy Name we pray, always remembering we are dedicated to Serving Humanity to Honor God. Amen.